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Vulcan Metal Deco
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Vulcan Metal Deco - New standards for metal printing

Trelleborg launches Vulcan Metal Deco, an innovative printing blanket designed to improve reproduction quality in metal decorative printing applications.

The new printing blanket features a unique compressible layer which delivers the right level of compression for metal printing, significantly improving solid and screen reproduction quality.

Enabling a superior print finish
The unique design of the blanket improves sheet release and edge marking, enabling superior print finish. In addition, the new Metal Deco delivers increased shock absorption, decreasing wear on the press, enabling reduced maintenance requirements and increasing the life-span of the printing press.


Marco Carlini, Vulcan product manager, Trelleborg, commented: “Reproduction quality has traditionally proven problematic in metal decorative printing and we wanted to develop a solution that would help our customers to deliver consistent quality, time and time again.

Overcoming issues in metal decorative printing
“Our dedicated R&D team worked closely with our customers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the reproduction issues associated with metal printing. And, of course, how to overcome them.”

The Trelleborg team developed an innovative solution specifically designed for metal decorating applications, the result was the Vulcan Metal Deco. Marking a revolutionary step in metal decorative printing, the Metal Deco is the first printing blanket for the metal decorating sector to feature a compressible layer.

Suitable for all metal printing presses
The Vulcan Metal Deco is the ideal solution for metal printers looking to improve solid printing and achieve smooth coverage. The blanket can be used on all metal printing presses and is suitable for use with all conventional inks.


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