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Vulcan Printing Blankets are manufactured by Reeves S.p.A. in Italy, a subsidiary of an American company Reeves Brother Inc. On 2007 Reeves S.p.A. renamed Trelleborg Engineered Systems Italy S.p.A.


For over 40 years, Trelleborg has manufactured and distributed the Vulcan range of offset printing blankets to printers all over the world. With a growing number of markets seeking VULCAN quality, Trelleborg continues to make great strides in research and development and improved product quality. This commitment to advancing the state of the art enables Trelleborg to provide newer and better solutions to printers across all continents.


Since 1915, when the first Vulcan offset printing blankets were manufactured in the U.S.A., Trelleborg continuing success has been based on the value that is placed maintaining close contacts with our customers. These close contact are achieved through highly qualified distribution networks in over 65 countries. The feedback, technical input and advice received from printers, provide Trelleborg with the database of information that enables them to meet the specific requirements of an increasingly demanding marketplace. It is this type of collaboration and exchange of ideas that makes Trelleborg the perfect partner to printers all over the world. Trelleborg is not only supplying a comprehensive range of printing blankets, each one developed to respond a specific need in the market, but also offering much requested, highly qualified, technical know-how, specialized advice and practical assistance.


It is a highly valued collaboration, along with constant dedication to total quality, that lie at the base of almost a century of success of the world reowned VULCAN offset printing blankets.



Vulcan® printing blankets are manufactured in three countries and distributed all over the world. Our manufacturing locations are shown below:
Milan, Italy
Business Unit Administration
European Customer Service & Sales
Manufactuting Facility

Europe is the birth place of print.  This region is well-known for it's innovation and excellence in the development and perfection of printing.  TES Italy partners with press manufacturers to engineer the best quality printing blankets in the industry.




Spartanburg, SC USA
Americas Administration
Americas Customer Service & Sales
Manufactuting Facility

Vulcan® printing blankets have been manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA for distribution in the Americas since the 1950's. For most of the brand's lifetime, this location has been the central hub for operations, manufacturing, and marketing of the Vulcan® products.




Morristwon, TN, USA

Manufacturing Facility










Shanghai, China
Sales Center
Manufacturing Facility

Shanghai Reeves New Printing Consumables Co., Ltd has produced a variety of printing blankets for distribution throughout China since 2005. They are continuing to expand their capabilities and product line to meet the unique printing needs found within China.

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